(I Can't Get No) Goddamn Sleep

(I Can't Get No) Goddamn Sleep
I Can't Get No Satisfaction Or Goddamn Sleep

   I’ve been unable to get anything more than 3-4 consistent hours of sleep a day for the past month now. Which in and of itself isn’t that bad so it’s not necessarily insomnia that’s the problem. I’ve gotten around that much sleep many a times in the past and I was fine. The problem is that I’m only fine for the first half of the day after I wake up, but I inevitably end up taking a thirty minute to hour long nap during the day. Again, that’s not that big of a deal, but after waking up from that short nap I feel way worse than I ever felt when I just force myself to stay awake or get a much fuller sleep. My body revolts and won’t let me sleep any longer and I’m forced “awake” with this heavy feeling of tiredness. My body is in a state of painful fatigue where I can’t focus on anything or do anything remotely productive, yet my body won’t let me fall asleep ‘cause it’s “too tired” to sleep. Along with that, my entire body aches as it’s screaming at me to just lay down and go to bed. I usually give in and lay down, but like I said I just can’t get back to sleep. So I end up just laying there for most of the rest of the day barely being able to accomplish much at all if it wasn’t already done in the first half of the day before the nap.

   Just to be clear, this isn’t exactly insomnia I’m dealing with as that’s been a problem most of my life and I’ve found a way to cope. I would just like some tips on how to preserver through the eventual encroaching need for sleep that hits me in the middle of the day. I never had a problem with this in the past and it only bothers me now since it’s been a consistent month long excursion into annoying town and no it’s not just me getting old thank you very much. So if anyone out there can help me think of a way to force myself to stay awake, I’m all ears. I’d just like to finally get a good nights sleep, even if it’s not long and be able to stay up all day and be productive. Is that too much to ask?


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