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Q - There's a photo in your portfolio/Facebook/wherever that isn't offered as a print on your site, is there any way for me to purchase it from you?

A - Of course! If there's a photo you like and would like to see offered as a print, just use the form to the side here and make sure you use "Print Request" in the subject line and let me know what the name of photo is or provide a link to the photo and I'll put up a print for purchase. 

Q - What type of services do you offer? 

A - Other than offering fine art prints here on my website, I also do portrait photography for those near the Lancaster County, PA area. If you're interested in my services and you live in the area, you can use the form to the side here to fill me in on the details or ask me further questions.

Q - I have a question that you haven't answered yet. 

A - While what you're telling me isn't a question, I still have an answer for you. Well, I might have an answer for you. Whatever questions you have that I haven't answered can be asked to me via the contact form above. I look forward to hearing from you.


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Got any questions relating to my work as a photographer? (eg. prices, prints, etc...) Then feel free to use the form below to contact me. Make sure you write in the subject line something relavant to the question you're asking in the message section.

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