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   So I recently picked up a Moleskine journal for the first time. I've never really had any kind of nice journal before, except this cool Scooby Doo one when I was about 7. Usually whenever I needed to write things down in the past I'd just get those crappy, generic spiral bound notebooks that were 3 for $1 at Kmart. You know the type, everyone had them. Around the time middle school came around and I had my own computer that wasn't "the family computer", everything moved over digitally into wordpad (thanks windows 98). All of that aside, I've been wanting to switch things up. I pretty much use Evernote for everything nowadays, but I miss analog forms of writing. Not for any nostalgic reason, but I personally feel like I take more in when I physically have to write out my words. It physically demands more attention and the payoff for finishing up that long winded piece you were writing has a much more cathartic feel to it. Maybe that's just me though.

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   I wanted a journal that I could use for meditation. There's so many times when I get an idea and then I lose it after going over to my computer and then opening up Evernote. I never have the foresight to remember to just leave it open just in case for whatever reason and I knew I'd remember to leave out my journal prior to meditating. Don't ask me why, that's just how my brain works, lol. So I found this Moleskine journal on Amazon, but decided to buy it at a local Barnes & Nobles so I could actually see what it looked liked. It's pretty nice inside and out. It's a very minimalistic design which I simply adore. I love how close the lines are to one another on each of the pages and the space for the header isn't such a huge waste. It's probably around 3 lines worth of space. It has a built in bookmark and in the back, there's a pocket where you can store little notes and not have them fall out when you carry your journal around. There's also a strap that keeps your book from flying open if say, for example, you drop your brand new journal onto the pavement right after getting it. Don't know who would possibly do that...Anyway, I'll be doing a follow up blog on this as I find more creative ways to use it. I already have some in mind. If you've ever used a Moleskine before, let me know what you think about it. I'm always open to creative uses for a versatile tool such as this.



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