Positive Meditation For Focus and Clarity
Meditation in the Lotus Position Low key Dramatic Lighting

   Recently, I've learned the importance of meditating on a more consistent basis. I've noticed a lot of pessimism and negativity around me lately and it's gradually been taking its toll on my mental state. Once you get trapped in that negative state, it gets increasingly harder to remove yourself from all of it as time goes by. I started losing sight of some of my passions due to gaining a lethargic "what's the point" perspective on life. This was not only aided by negative mindsets, but also by less-than-great circumstances occurring in my personal life. It sort of snuck up on me and at one particularly bad point, it dawned on me that I was drowning in it. I liken it to the anecdote of the frog in a slowly boiling pot of water. If negativity is gradually added into your life over a long period of time, you won't notice just how much has been pilling up and draining you physically, mentally and emotionally.

   So, I've taken to meditation to correct this. Now, everyone uses meditation differently. Some people use it for religious or spiritual purposes, while others use it to promote a better sense of wellbeing. I've mostly used it for psychic and other new age purposes, but lately I've begun meditating to help set me in a more positive mood. I've done this in the past, but never consistently and usually it always ended up turning into a multi-hour long session where I'm contemplating all of the intricacies of life. While there's nothing wrong with that and all, since that gets me into a more neutral state of mind, I'm looking for positive, not reflective. The results of focusing on clearing my mind and replace my thoughts and energy with positive feelings are quite awesome. It puts me in such a serene and creatively active mood, where I feel as though i can accomplish anything I set out to do without any obstacles blocking my way. As if I see this clear pathway directly leading to my destination and everything else surrounding me becomes irrelevant and fades to the wayside. Life almost becomes slow motion. I'd urge everyone out there to try it sometime, especially if you're feeling surrounded by circumstances that seem as though they are out of your control. You never know if it will help unless you give it a try. ;)

~~Writing Light Across The Land~~