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   Write Lighting was conceived back on the 13 of March in 2012, but the origin goes back much further. I’ve always been a fan of art and one day back in 2005 I was scouring the internet and, by happenstance, came across something I’ve never seen before. Conceptual photography. I had never even considered using photography as a form of self expression before. I always associated photography with family holidays and vacation snapshots. The thought never occurred to me that photography could be an art form.

   So I picked up this cheap little 0.3 megapixel camera (yes that’s 0.3)  which was all I could really afford. Clearly, it wasn’t a very good camera, but it got me started in voicing myself through photography. A couple of months later, in 2006, I upgraded to a Kodak 4 megapixel point and shoot (which was a ridiculous $400 at the time) and this is when photography really began to kick off for me. I quickly started to expand into every genre of photography I could. Portraiture, landscapes, macro, abstract, street and so on.

   Write Lighting as it stands today represents the culmination of every learning experience and the knowledge I’ve gained along the way in discovering what it was in photography that I truly enjoyed. The crux of my work focuses on the very same conceptual photography that I fell in love with over a decade ago. I love creating photos, not just capturing a moment. I want to tell a story that hasn’t been told or give someone the opportunity to express themselves openly in a way they’ve never been able to before.

   A lot of my work is portraiture, whether that be conceptual, fashion, engagements or what have you, but I also do a lot of work in other areas of photography. I sell wall art of my adventures in landscape and urban travels as well as abstract and still life photography. My talent lies in my critical thinking and creative problem solving skill sets. I love giving people a unique experience that they won’t find with anyone else. Working with me is a collaboration. I want you to be fully involved in the creation process, not just a bystander.

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   As a person, I'm even more eclectic than my work as a photographer (If you can believe that!). Outside of photography, I've got a million interests. I love to write (no shit, right?) and have an immense passion for learning and sharing the knowledge and experiences I've gained.

   Some other things I'm interested in include; Philosophy, Gaming, Loose leaf tea, Healthy eating, Esperanto (it's a unique language), Minimalism (the opposite of consumerism), Fashion, Car culture, Anything tech related, Japanese culture, History, and loads more. I'm an Anarchist (real anarchy), a Nonrealist (reality is a construct of the human mind ;)), Anti-Elitist, and an Anti-Thiest to name a few.

   P.S. - I look younger than I actually am. I was born in 1989. I'll let you do the math ;).