Emotional Alphabet - G For Grateful
G is for Grateful Emotional Alphabet Birthday

   When I was thinking up ideas for the next emotional alphabet, which was the letter G, I could only come up with somber things like grief or guilt. I wanted to move past negative emotions and focus on more positive things, mostly because I haven't been feeling those emotions. What I have felt though, and what I decided to use, is grateful. The past two months or so have been pretty great with the last two weeks being super positive. I've been accomplishing goals in my life that I've set years ago and never finished until now which has got me feeling so uplifted. It's such a great feeling. Everyone in my life has also been supportive of me in one way or another and for that I'm grateful. Yesterday also happened to be my birthday, so I figured what better time to express my gratitude then now. So this is me blowing out my candle and reflecting on the good parts of my life. Stay Positive.



~~Writing Light Across The Land~~