Something Different

  It's been awhile I know. I've been off taking care of personal things and then when things started to fall back into place, I felt so far removed from this that I didn't know what to write. Over the past couple of days though, my friend and I have been taking pictures and I think it brought me back. That coupled with my girlfriend working on her fitness blog. 

 Where I was and where I am are irrelevant to this post however, 'cause I wanted to talk about photo manipulations. Now I was never the biggest fan of photomanips other than the occasional cloned image, but I always viewed that as a way to express, or elicit rather, an emotion or aid in bringing a concept to life that isn't possible to accomplish in reality. Now sure, you could say the same about photomanips that use stock photography to create something similar, but while still art, it's not so much photography in a stricter sense. I'm also not to keen on the heavy use of filters and color manipulation to create something so artificial and far removed from reality that you know there's no way that was captured by a camera. Heavy editing to create sunsets that have all the colors of the goddamned rainbow in it or waterdrops on a spastic, overly bokeh filled background always turn me off. There's just something so generically stock-standard about them that makes me feel like it's trying to replicate some arbitrary, technically "perfect" image. Sure it looks pretty, but it feels soulless and all to shallow. 

  Now I'm not one to condemn an entire subgenre to a photographic purgatory without trying out somethings myself. See the one thing I love most about photography is bringing concepts that exist in my head to life and photomanips have the potential to be the best template for bringing those alive. I feel like there's someway I can find my own little niche and incorporate some form of photomanips into my style. So I'm going to try out a bunch of things and I'm sure I'll post more up here at a later date. For now though, here's a picture I was just messing around with. It's alright, nothing too fancy just figuring some things out, but what do you think? Feel free to be harsh, lol.


~~Writing Light Across The Land~~