I'm not usually that into macro. Now that doesn't mean I don't like macro photography or anything. I'm just more of a big picture kinda thinker as opposed to noticing the small details. I usually only notice the finer things after something more grand has caught my eye. Now because of that, I tend to become oblivious to smaller things most macro photographers notice right away, at least at first I am. Every once in a while, and when I actually spend the time to focus on the minutiae of scene, I get sucked into these micro worlds and drown myself in a world not seen by most.

  There is a type of photography that I enjoy, but rarely do, that holds stock in the macro. Still Life. Still life is usually things like food or dolls and such, but I have the unique disposition of having an entire wall of figures, statues and plushies at my disposal. The reason I rarely take still life pictures is because I never know what to do with them. Good still life generally entails either an interesting character out of it's element or really intricately set up shots with an appropriate backdrop/setting and sometimes props placed into a situation that brings out a sense of humor or possibly something of an epic. I have the characters, just don't know where to shoot for an interesting setting. This reason is why I only shoot still life whenever I get a really good idea.

  Yesterday though, I tried my hand at experimenting with some of my Pikachu figurines. Some of them came out alright, but none of the pictures ended up using the concepts I had originally intended when I ventured into it. One shot I did was of a perspective difference between this huge Pichu plush I had and a significantly smaller Pikachu. Now anyone that knows the slightest about Pokemon knows that Pichu is the baby form of Pikachu. So I thought it was an interesting idea to showcase the dichotomy of the evolved Pikachu and the supposed pre-evolutionary Pichu. The other shot I like is of this herd of Pikachu figures all ready for battle in front of a single Ash, a Pokemon trainer. I like them, but I'm curious what anyone else thinks about them. I suppose it would make more sense if you knew about Pokemon, but you know, feel free to lay out your thoughts anyway.



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