Fish and Family

Fish and Family

 I've been on a brief hiatus for the past couple of days thanks to Easter and my semi-anniversary with my love. Six months together on the first (no joke, ha). So what did I do for her on our anniversary? I got her some fish. Now getting fish is actually a lot bigger of an ordeal than you'd think. I figured, since I got her a fish bowl already, all we'd need was food, water, some decorations and obviously the fish. Well, I figured wrong. See, we spent close to 3 hours at this fish store looking around at everything and all the fish to make sure we got everything we wanted and when we went to ask for our fish we got a rude awakening. The guy, a hired marine biologist, told us that we should have a tank that's been established for at least 6 weeks before introducing fish into the environment. 6 weeks? That's a bit steep to have an fish bowl sitting around with no fish in it. He recommended that we put food in everyday as if we were actually feeding the fish even though there were none in the tank. Apparently it helps with the nitrite and nitrate levels and all that jazz. Well after going home and revising our plan, we went back out to multiple places and did an asston of research and by the end of the day we finally got our fish.

The aforementioned family photo.

  So prior to our anniversary, we also went to visit her family on Easter. Courtney had the idea to take a picture of her whole family together seeing as how I'm a photographer and they don't have very many pictures of everyone together. Now doing group shots is always difficult, but trying to gather 10 people together to get a nice, evenly lit photo was a bit tough. We couldn't exactly take the picture outside since it looked like ass and was starting to rain. So the only option being inside, the number one problem every photographer has to deal with arose. Lighting. Trying to set up the shot downstairs was a bust. Even though we had the room (after moving some furniture), the quality of light was very low, as most people's houses tend to be. At least I noticed through personal experience that is. So, in lieu of the rain, we went out onto the front porch and tried to get a better shot with more lighting. Of course, seeing as how this is a porch and all, the overhang blocked out part of the sun creating a major shadow cast on the back row of people. Now since I didn't have any portable flash or even a reflector on me (profesional I know), I had to make do with what was given to me, so hopefully the picture turned out okay. I'll let you all be the judge of that.


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