Vernal Equinox

  So recently the vernal equinox, otherwise known as the start of spring, as come and past. Much like how the beginning of the new year is supposed to symbolize new beginnings and the start of something fresh, spring represents a change of getting rid of the old and bringing in the new, something more full of life after the dead of winter. During the new year you're invited to create new goals or resolutions to help you make a change in your life and not fall for the same mistakes you've done in the past, a way to better yourself. With the mention of spring though comes the time when you finally start enacting on those goals and get rid of all the clutter in your life with spring cleaning.

All cleared up desktop except one folder...which is organized.

  Now sometimes this "spring cleaning" is a very litteral term where we physically remove the things that have been piling up all around so that we can have more room to put more shit for when next year this time comes around so that we have something else to do. Regardless of my consumerist cynicism, I use "spring cleaning" as more of a "spring cleansing". So what do I mean by that? See, even though days that are more generic or mainstream (in the not hipster way) like holidays that aren't nearly as personal as say, a birthday, are celebrated or participated in, there's still something meaningful there beneath the shallow marketing and self imposed goals *cough*excuses*cough*.

  Personally taking the time out of your schedule to accomplish something you've been meaning to get around to *cough*more lies*cough* makes, me at least, feel so much better for the next innumerable amount of time. Emotional, mental and digital cleansing all can make an impact as useful as physically cleaning a room out. So I've been trying to reorganize the way I file things away in my computer as my way of spring cleansing. I've let it get pretty bad to the point where I almost couldn't find this one file I was looking for, at which point I realized it was time to tidy up. I've done a decent job as it stands now, but continually adding more and more while trying to organize what's already here is obviously a fool's errand. Perseverance is the key in these types of situations I suppose.

 So remember it's not all just about physical cleaning or even digital cleaning. Confronting and dealing with personal, family, friend or relationship issues will pave the way for a fresh new start on life that coincides with the changing of the seasons. Don't back down and see it though and in the end you'll be a better person for it. Or at the very least you'll finally get rid of that stupid fucking tchotchke you had sitting on the coffee table for years now.


~~Writing Light Across The Land~~