Please allow me to introduce...

  I made an introductory video! *waits for applause* Nothing? *crickets* FINE! See if I ever give you a video ever again!

 *Ahem* So I made a video...I promise they will get better with time (ha). Seriously though, while making this video I learned multiple things about myself and video making. #1 - I'm very awkward. Now I knew how awkward I was prior to making this video, but I feel as though just like how the camera adds ten pounds (bullshit), it also amplifies my awkwardness. #2 - I've never edited a video before. Holding onto the ADHD kid's attention seems harder than I thought. It's not enough to be spastic and keep it short for the masses' supposedly hilariously short "OH LOOK A COOKIE" span, it's about knowing how to put it all together. Any "guy with a camera" can shoot something, which conceptually, or in pieces, is quite entertaining, but that doesn't inherently create an amazing, full-bodied video. #3 Keeping consistant. Thinking of ideas takes time, shooting takes time, editing take time, rendering takes time and trying to take all of that and put it together into something interesting takes at least some kind of talent.

 All of these things, and more, I need to improve upon, but of course all of that takes time, skill and experience. Eventually I'll understand FCPX more to the point that I can do some really cool things. I'll be able to thing of video ideas alot easier once I find my little niche and as I apply it more and more everyday, it will only improve. So anyway, sorry for the long post. If your still interesting in checking out the video (please do), then embeded in the post below is my first shot at something new. I hope you enjoy it to some degree. /selfdeprivation>


~~Writing Light Across The Land~~