Alone in the Woods

  I finally made a photocomic! *insert applause here* Hopefully this first comic here will be the first of many more to come. I plan on posting a comic up multiple times a week, so please check back to see if I have a new one up.  Every comic that I post comes along with a blog post that describes the comic and goes into a little "behind the scenes" if you will about the making of the strip. Sometimes I'll post a comic up and talk about a topic related to what's going on in the comic. Like, for example, if I post a comic about censorship, I might post along with it something that's been on my mind that deals with censorship. 

Click the image to check out the rest of the comic!

Click the image to check out the rest of the comic!

 Shooting a comic for the first time "in the wild" was a bit off-putting. Simply because I had to drive to the illustrious "woods," set up my camera gear, take a series of pictures and act out in front of my camera with the possibility of random people walking by noticing me. Not that it necessarily matters if they see me or not, but it still didn't do much to make me any less paranoid. I'm just awkward like that...

 Regardless, no one was watching me and I finished up the comic after some trial and error getting things to look like they make sense comparatively to my mental image of the scene. Remembering to leave negative space for text and other little things hit me after I took some shots and realized that I was an idiot. So all of my pain and suffering (which wasn't very much if I'm honest) is now on display over on the comic section of my site or, subsequently, you can click the preview above to view the whole thing.


~~Writing Light Across The Land~~