Emotional Alphabet - A For Apathy

Emotional Alphabet - A For Apathy

   This is the very first photo in the new ongoing weekly emotional alphabet project I'm doing. Each week I'll be posting a new photo up that has some representation of how I view the emotion in question. Obviously, the first letter I start with is going to be A since I'm going in chronological order. This week, I decided to start off the whole series with the antithesis of emotions, Apathy. I figured what better way to display emotions than the absence of emotion. Now apathy is a tough "emotion" to pull off. Sometimes people say they are apathetic towards something, when what they really mean might be something more like disconnect or sadness. When you're apathetic, you literally aren't phased by the situation at all. My interpretation of apathy as I've "felt" it is while everything bombards me at once, my brain processes the information yet my emotions do not. I lay there expressionless as information, ideas, concepts, worries and more just flow through me while I have no opinion on the matter one way or the other.

   Clearly though, I actually do have many opinions about many of these things in this photo and the things that attack me in an apathetic state. This is merely meant to show the lack of concern about all of these connected issues that seem so far away from me and yet at the same time should be affecting me emotionally. The greyscale and clear lack of a sharp black and white display how nothing is polarizing while apathetic, everything is just the same bland grey with no meaning whatsoever. I have another idea on how I would better create an apathetic image, but if I would have done that, I would have never even put anything thing out. It's not so much that I'm a perfectionist as it is a disdain towards my own work. Personal issues I suppose. Anyway, look forward to the next letter in this alphabet project.


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