Weekly Challenge 12/6/13 - Ugly Beauty

Weekly Challenge 12/6/13 - Ugly Beauty
Cracked Leather.jpg

   This weeks challenge was all about trying to find the beauty in something ugly. Now I took this idea and went conceptual with it whereas Courtney had intended it to be literal. The first thing that came to my head when she had given me the challenge was to do something abstract. Instead of trying to turn something ugly literally into something beautiful, like a transformation of sorts, I wanted to focus on what makes something ugly in the first place. Why do we perceive certain things as being ugly? Beauty is all about perception afterall. What one person finds ugly, another may adore. So i wanted to take something that someone may consider to be undesirable and focus on that. It's all about changing your mindset. For example, this is a leather chair where the leather was starting to crack on it. Most people would see that as an undesirable trait, even I do as well, but when I have a camera in my hand all I can see is the potential beauty in everything. So I focused on the cracks to bring out the beauty in the new texture that was forming. I tried similar things here with the cracked and broken screen on my old phone and the texture on something as ugly as a trashcan. If you only ever focus on the bad things in life, you'll never get to see the beauty that was right in front of you all along. Next weeks challenge is going to be all about mixing liquids.


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