Emotional Alphabet - D For Depression

   Technically depression isn't an emotion, but a state of being. I feel as though personally that moods still qualify for this list. If you prefer, you can think of this as despair instead. I was originally going to use distraught and create an image that focused on the lost feeling of anxiety and disarray, but the opportunity arose to create this shot instead. I felt like this was a lot more authentic and appropriate to my feelings at that moment. Every shot in this series are true emotions I had felt at the time of shooting them. I don't wanna force these photos and manipulate a false emotion just to fulfill the time I've allotted that these will go up. That's why there was no emotion this past week. Anyways, I hope you can sense the state of depression and the feeling of despair in this shot. I could have done so much more with this than just crying into the camera, but like I said, authenticity is the key here. This was one of those moments you just have to capture and let the scene speak for itself. The tears, the redness in the eye, the enveloping darkness, the desaturated aesthetic and the flaws and imperfections all reflect a captured moment in time. Ironically, now I'm in a pretty good mood.


~~Writing Light Across The Land~~