Weekly Challenge 1/16/14 - Bedroom

   This week's challenge was a bit of a piggyback on a contest I entered this week as well. The contest's theme was bedroom. It was left open to interpretation what exactly you shot, be it a wide angle showing off the entire room, maybe a detail shot of something you would find in a bedroom or even showcase in a way what your ideal bedroom would look like. I personally decided to tell more of a story through mine. I came up with two shots I ended up going with. The first concept is centered around late night working in bed. Everyones been through this at some point in their lives. Even if you aren't working in bed at 2am, surely you've been surfing random videos on the internet, watching a tv show or gotten distracted somehow and notice that it's been a couple of hours and you should have been asleep a long time ago. I wanted to create an image that depicted a vacant stare being blinded by the brightness of the computer screen, completely unfazed by the world around me. The world fades to black and unbeknownst to me time just slips away.

   The second shot I wanted to convey something that I know a lot of people have felt at least once in their life. I wanted to create a sense of loneliness and heartache by showcasing a half empty bed. As the person in the bed is spotlighted, the empty side of the bed starts fading more and more into darkness the farther away you get as the light falls off. The clutching of the chest along with the longing expression on my face represent the pain felt within. I also used contrasting colors to really make my figure standout in combination with the directional lighting. I almost added in a picture into my hand, but it just looked awkward and placing it in the empty side of the bed or even on the other pillow seemed too distracting that I didn't want it to unintentionally take away from the image. So that was this weeks piggyback challenge. I haven't come up with something for next week, but you can be sure that I will have something up next friday.


~~Writing Light Across The Land~~