Time-Lapse Sunrise

Time-Lapse Sunrise
Purple Sunrise.jpg

   Earlier this morning, I decided to go out and take a time-lapse of the sunrise at a local park to test out a few things. I've never done a time-lapse before, but I knew what I was getting into. At least I thought I did. Turns out, after spending almost a half hour shooting it, I realized I was an idiot and wasn't doing it right. Then I thought, no it's all good, at least I can salvage a halfway decent sunrise photo out of this right? Once again, no. Photoshop decided to be my world 2-4 Boss and before I even made it to Bowser, I fell in the fire pit. Analogies, analogies...Point is, I couldn't composite the photos of the sunset I had captured without looking like shit. So in the end, I got a halfway decent shot of this pretty boring jogging path with the sun rising in the background. Side note, does this count as a photo story? No? What do you mean it's not photojournalism if its just one picture of a shitty sunrise? *ahem* Well tomorrow's another day I suppose. We'll see if I feel like going out in 40° weather again tomorrow to try this again.


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