Bay Photo Metal Print Review

   Earlier this week, I celebrated my anniversary with my girlfriend. I had a whole schedule planned out for the day, nothing too crazy, but meaningful nonetheless. Part of that planning involved me ordering an 8x12 metal print from Bay Photo so that it would arrive on our anniversary and I could surprise her with it. Well, that kinda fell through after I ordered it. They said it was supposed to ship out last thursday so it would arrive in time. Well saturday came along and they still hadn't shipped it out. Turns out they were slammed with backorders apparently and they wouldn't get to it til monday. That sucked, but they did at least put my order on rush and give me two day free shipping.

Courtney Anniversary Waterfalls.jpg

   So yesterday it finally came and I was beyond excited for it. Courtney was still asleep and no one else was home, so I decided to do a review/unboxing. The moment I took it out of the packaging and first laid eyes on it, I freaked out. It was so amazing looking. The colors were so vibrant, the whites were pure, the contrast was high and I couldn't wait to show Courtney and see her reaction. I will definitely be getting more metal prints in the future, but for the time being, I'll just have to gawk at our picture together. I put up the video review on Youtube and you can watch it embedded below.




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