Lighting A Candle With It's Smoke

   Usually fridays I put up a weekly challenge where I have a concept like, for example, last week's white on white challenge, but today I wanted to mention something interesting that my friend had showed me a couple of days ago. He showed me a trick where you can light a candle immediately after you blow it out using it's smoke. For some reason I had never heard of this before and it was the highlight of my week (sad life right?). What you do to get this to work is by blowing out a candle and within the next couple of seconds you have a limited window where you can hold a flame to the smoke and the flame travels down the smoke almost like lightning and reignites the wick. This works due the nature of the candle. When you light a candle, the wax from the candle evaporates into the air and mixed into that smoke when you blow it out is a small amount of wax vapor. This was the perfect opportunity to try out some slow motion recording of the wick being reignited. Maybe this video will peak your interest and you'll try it for yourself. It's definitely cool to see the flame travel down the smoke. Also, apologies for the vertical video in advance.



~~Writing Light Across The Land~~