Focus Stacking Tutorial

   I'm back with a quick (relative) video on how to do a pretty useful technique called focus stacking in photoshop. I take you through the set up and explain how to take multiple shots that you can later align and blend together in photoshop to great an image that has an infinitely deep depth of field from edge to edge. If you were ever curious how to get your landscape sharp from the farthest mountain top to the closest object two feet in front of you, then this technique can help you. All you need is a tripod, or something to sturdy your camera, and photoshop. Focus stacking is also useful for macro shots as well as I demonstrate in the video. Also, I apologize for the absenteeism. I've had a lot of things to deal with recently, but that's neither here nor there. As long as my computer doesn't revolt I'll have some more great content for you very soon.



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