I was working on a photoset for my girlfriend regarding a disease called Dermatillomania. So that's a big word, but what does it mean? Well, to steal an excerpt from her blog "Dermatillomania is a medical term used to describe an impulse control disorder. This disorder is characterized by the urge to pick at one's skin. The urge can start because of an ordinary blemish, small cut, or dry skin and then turn into an urge that is hard to kick. The area then turns into a craving that can be hard to stop. A small bug bite or scratch can turn into much larger pick area and result is scarring or infection, in most cases. Dermatillomania is also known as skin-picking disorder, neurotic skin-picking, pathologic skin-picking, compulsive skin-picking, psychogenic skin-picking or BFRB."

   So if you're curious at all about Derma or you just wanna check out the rest of the photos I did for her, you can click here to take you to her website. While you're there, you can check out some of the other interesting things she does and writes about. It varies from nutrition to illnesses to amazing paintings and other art. Plus if you're ever in need of a graphic designer... (wink wink nudge nudge)


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