Staying Creative - Dealing With Artist's Block

Staying Creative - Dealing With Artist's Block

   Do you feel lost and confused in life? Needing a change, but don't know what or how to change? Like talking to yourself when no ones around 'cause you're crazy? Well I can help you out with two of those three. And btw, if you do figure out an answer to that last one, let me know, 'cause I talk to myself like all the fucking time. Anyways, (digression) Sometimes everyone needs a little creative push when they're feeling stuck. So i've came up with a series of videos called Staying Creative which deal with, yep you guessed it, staying creative. This video in particular is about the dreaded Artist's Block.

   Oh yes, you know, that nagging pain in the ass that creeps up every once in a while that kills all that hard work you've been slaving over for the past indiscriminate amount of time. No matter who you are or what field you're in, every single person has suffered from this creative asphyxiation of the very essence of their productivity and imagination at multiple points in their lives. Now the first thing everyone tells you is to step away from your work and go do something else. That's all well and good, but personally I tried going for long walks and drives to nowhere to try to clear my mind and remove myself from the situation. Nothing. Loud music, going somewhere exotic in the hope that some form of reinvigoration would occur, writing things out, watching inspiring videos and still nada.

   So what did I eventually figure out that alleviated all my problems? I decided to be mundane. I just picked up my camera and started taking pictures of random household objects. After messing around in what seemed like at the time, just a pointless pursuit arousing from frustration, I came across a bowl of melted ice-cream with a spoon in it. I thought it looked cool, so I put it under a light and took close up shots in different angles. I was honestly surprised at how cool they looked and it got me thinking about what other kinds of random items in my room that I could take pictures of. My friend was over the next day and we were sitting there bored and he put a flashlight on top of jug of water and with the lights out, the whole jugs lit up with little water drops inside. After these few times of messing around, I actually got my mojo back. So my advice isn't to try to distract yourself away from you're work, unless of course you'd still like to try that, and by all means go ahead and try. Instead, I say distract yourself with something boring, something you'd never think to even waste you're time on. Hopefully this helps you as much as it helped me. 


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