Pixelstick - Light Painting Evolved

   Today I was gonna write about All Souls Day, the third day of Hallowmas, which revolves around remembering the dead the dead and all that, but I just saw this and I wanted to tell everyone about it because it's a fucking awesome invention.  There's this technique in photography called light painting. You might have even seen a simple one that I've done before. Light painting is all about taking a light source, like a flashlight for example, and using it to "paint" light into an area that you want to have a greater exposure on. You can use this technique to write words in the air or make shapes or create a ring of fire around something or someone. Up until now some people have done some really creative things with steel wool, flashlights or even glowsticks. The game has changed with the advent of this product though.

   So what is Pixelstick? Other than fucking awesome, it's this 6' aluminum stick with 198 full color LEDs in it. Now it's not just a really big led light that you can twirl and spin. Each LED can be turned on or off and the entire unit is programable. That means you can create interesting designs or any kind of artwork or pattern in photoshop and sync it with this pixelstick. Once you do that you can take it out and paint your pattern into the air, on a wall or whatever you'd like. The possibilities are infinite. They say that the 8 AA batteries will easily last you all night long without needing a recharge either. This is such an amazing invention and it's only been on Kickstarter for 4 days now and it's already made over double of their projected goal and there's still 40 more days left in the funding. Even if you don't pledge the $300 it would cost to snag one of these, at least check it out and maybe throw in a couple bucks to help out. Sure they may have already met their goal, but this is so cool, you should totally help out anyways.


~~Writing Light Across The Land~~