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2:00 AM

2:00 AM


   On a dark and stormy night, the fog lays heavy in the air. You look out at the road and for a second you swear your saw something. You blink again and realize your vision hasn’t betrayed you. A silhouetted figure stands under the cold of the street lamp. Who or why is it there? More importantly, what happens next?

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   Photos on metal are created by dying premium, archival quality inks into a 1/8" sheet of aluminum. The resulting product displays a vibrant and beautiful print on metal that not only will last a lifetime, but is also moisture and scratch resistant. You can easily clean it with a damp rag or even windex and it will be completely fine.

   With the same amazing quality as the metal wall art, these smaller pieces have a stand which make them a really great way to display art on other places than your wall. At 8x12, they may be smaller than the wall art, but they're still large enough to fit comfortably on places like a desk or a wardrobe. They're a fantastic way to add a little beauty and inspiration to your home or work environment.