Contests, Hamsters and Depth of Field

   I have this one shot of these little hamsters all lined up according to color with a very shallow depth of field. Now, I took this shot back when I had first bought my 50mm f1.4 a couple of years ago. I had this idea for a while, but I had never owned a lens up until that point that could get as shallow as I had intended the image to be. So the moment I got my 50mm, I took it out, sniffed it, mounted it on my camera and started setting up this shot I had in my head. Personally, it was my favorite shot for the longest time. That is until I took this shot at Niagara Falls. I still love my hamster shot, but I've been wanting to retake it now with my wider grasp of knowledge about photography and post-processing techniques.

   Coincidentally, I saw this contest Sponsored by Sigma for their two newest lenses, the 35mm f1.4 and the 17-70mm f2.8. The only rule the contest specified was that the photo in question needed to showcase a sense of depth. Perfect! Those are nice, creamy lenses (especially that bokehlicious 35mm f1.4) and this shot I've been wanting to take would fulfill their one and only guideline. Two birds with one stone I suppose. So after forgetting about the contest until literally hours before it ended, I managed to take one of the photos I was looking for and submitted it with about an hour left before it ended. So now I need your help. Yes, you reading this right now, if you wouldn't mind clicking this link here and then hitting the vote button, that would be awesome. I don't personally think I'll win, seeing as how there's over 3.5k entries, but it would still be a nice gesture nonetheless.


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