Weekly Challenge 3/28/14 - White On White

   This week I decided to take on a challenge that should be familiar to most photographers. It's a classic assignment that every single photography school out there uses to teach their students about how to properly expose an image. Even if you're self taught like I am, you've probably still heard of it. In case you haven't however, or if you're not a photographer, let me explain what this white on white challenge is all about. Basically the idea is to capture a predominantly white subject on a white background. Now this is a lot harder than it sounds without getting a white blob of a mess. Try it for yourself. Take an egg and place it on a piece of paper. Now try to take a picture where the egg is distinctly separate from the piece of paper. See what I mean? So I was building something out of lego bricks and I saw this skeleton minifigure lying next to the wall I had built and it sparked this idea. I think it turned out pretty awesome personally. It's kind of like a band photo...with skeletons. Yea, I don't know, I just think it looks cool (HA). If you liked this weeks challenge, come back next week for a different challenge I place upon myself.



~~Writing Light Across The Land~~