Not Making The Cut

 So I've been wanting to start getting into making videos recently as part of my whole reinvention of Write Lighting, but working with iMovie was really depressing. So I decided to spend the 300 bones to get Final Cut. Now I know there was a huge outcry over the latest installment of Final Cut a while ago, but I heard Apple had made some really nice improvements that alleviated some of the problems it had. I honestly couldn't tell you one way or another if it's any better than it was prior to the current version. All I can say objectively is that it's definitely a major improvement over iMovie '08. Yes, iMovie '08 was what I was using before I bought FCPX. Depressing, I know.

in the process of editing a video.

  So anyway, I'm still floundering my way through all of the little quirks of FCPX. I think I've got most of the basics down. While the gigabizzle (1GB) sized file was downloading in the background, I dedicated the next indiscriminate amount of time watching Youtube video tutorials on the basics of how to manipulate my videos. Then I spent another decent amount of time, once it finished, messing around in the program itself without actually creating anything. Once I hit the effects, it was over. I got lost perusing, what seemed like at the time, an endless amount of effects and audio loops.

 I did actually end up making a video, albeit taking a lot longer than it probably really should have. I'm in the process of placing the final touches and by tomorrow sometime I should have it live on Youtube. Until then, stay tuned for more blogs, comics, videos and other content.






~~Writing Light Across The Land~~