Going Deep - 2014 New Years Resolutions

   A new year has come and 2013 has past. Most people make resolutions after the new years for flighty things they want to accomplish. Things they start doing for the first couple weeks and then completely forget about the rest of the year until the next year comes around. Things like going to the gym or not gossiping as much, but I wanted to go a little deeper than that, as I usually do. Of course I have those generic goals about being a better person or making healthier choices or whatever, but those are never-ending goals that I've had for years and will continue to have. I made a video about going a little deeper into resolutions and I think I'll just let the video speak for itself instead of me writing a crazy long post about the subject. Yes, I know it's 16 and a half minutes long.


Side Note - Apologies for the black borders...


~~Writing Light Across The Land~~